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I'm a game designer who's highly skilled in Unreal 4, Valve's Source Engine, Photoshop, Maya/3DS Max, web design, and lots of programming/scripting languages such as C++, Python, Lua, PHP, and C#.

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Tower Unite aims to bring what made GMod Tower fun - in a stand-alone package. Developed entirely in Unreal 4 and sold on Steam.

It's a living, evolving world, fueled by the community. In a nutshell, Tower provides online multiplayer games that spans genres. It also gives players the ability to customize their own digital home.

It was released on Steam as an Early Access title on April 8th, 2016 and was crowd funded on Indiegogo. Development is on-going and is my full-time job now.
What I'm Doing: Founder and company CEO, game design, gameplay programming, and UI design. I work with and employ 14 amazing developers that help bring this project to life.

Languages/Tools Used: Unreal 4, Maya, Photoshop, C++, Python

GMOD TOWER 2009-2015

A unique community-based lobby with centralized multiplayer games. It was a modification within Valve's Source Engine.

GMod Tower was a collection of various online multiplayer games that each have different genres of gameplay. Each game can be played with 4-90 players across the globe and are complete modifications of the Source engine.

The lobby aspect is what makes it all work. Players connect to a central lobby server and group up with other players to play these multiplayer games. While in the lobby they can also watch Youtube together, buy furniture and items (such as a piano) for their in-game house, customize their look (hats, skins, etc), bet on casino and cards games, play trivia and arcade games, and participate and various daily activities.

GMod Tower had an active user base of over 50K players per month and saw around 300k unique players in total.
What I Did: Project leader and founder, game design, programming, mapping, 3D modeling, texturing, UI design, server management, web programming and design.

I was the founder and manager of the project and its 6 developers.

Games I've designed, programmed, and worked on within GMod Tower:
  • GMT Lobby (2009-2014)
  • Source Karts (2013)
  • Minigolf (2012)
  • Zombie Massacre (2012)
  • Virus (2011)
  • Ball Race (2009)
  • PVP Battle (2009)
...and more

Languages/Tools Used: Lua, Maya, Photoshop, Valve's Hammer Editor, Valve Source Engine


Elevator: Source is a single or co-op elevator experience that is different each time you play. What floor will you stop on next? What will happen? Who knows!

Elevator: Source was featured in many online gaming newsletters with high praise.
What I Did: Lead programmer, dinosaur floor, space floor, modeling, web design. Team of 5 people.
Languages/Tools Used: Lua, Valve's Hammer Editor, Valve Source Engine, Garry's Mod, Photoshop, Maya, and Audition
Opus is a music-based side scrolling shoot 'em up created in Flash. You feed it an MP3 and Opus will analyize the music and in real-time change the gameplay to fit that music track.
The music analzation system was written from scratch and works well with nearly all songs. The game has layers of intensity that changes based on the music.
What I Did: Game design, programming, engine architecture, music analyzation, art assets, and UI design. Team of 4 people.
Languages/Tools Used: Actionscript 3, Photoshop, Flash, and Audition

2014 AQUARIUS download

Aquarius is an atmospheric 2.5D action exploration shooter. You pilot a small sub that must find various tools and weaponry to dive deeper into an alien ocean. You'll identify new plant life and destroy hostile alien sea creatures. Your mission: to find the cure to a virus that is plaguing your species.

The game features dynamic music with chilling soundscapes, an objective system, a scanning system with information on various alien sea creatures, and tons of shooting action.

The game was a 4 week long project.
What I Did: Game design, programming, 3D models, artwork, animation, sounds, and music. This was a solo project.
Languages/Tools Used: Python, Maya, Photoshop, Audition
2013 STARGAZE download

Stargaze is an '80s inspired 2.5D action puzzle game where the puzzle controls a ship that takes flight. Made in around 2 weeks (~160 hours) and was submitted 11/10/13.
What I Did: Game design, programming, 3D models, artwork, animation, and sounds all from scratch. This was a solo project.
Languages/Tools Used: Python, Photoshop, Maya, Flash, and Audition
2013 BALLMAN download

Ballman is a 2D action platformer with puzzles and robots. Made in around 6 full days (~80 hours) and was submitted 10/6/13.
What I Did: Game and level design, programming, artwork, animation, and sounds all from scratch. This was a solo project.
Languages/Tools Used: Python, Photoshop, Flash, and Audition
2013 AUDVID download

AudVid is a 6 button rhythm game where you are in control of the lighting equipment for various shows. Made in around 5 days (~60 hours).
What I Did: Game design, programming, 3D models, artwork, animation, and sounds all from scratch. This was a solo project.
Languages/Tools Used: Python, Photoshop, and Audition

2020-2023 Multi-Emulator Arcade Front End

A straight forward graphic user interface that works with different video game emulators.

The program automatically scrapes information about games from online gaming databases and retrives screenshots, artwork, and videos to use for the front end.

It is written in C++ in the Unreal 4 engine.
What I Did: UI and programming.
Languages/Tools Used: C++
2011 Verlocity
Verlocity is an incredibly easy to use, yet extremely powerful pure Actionscript 3 Flash engine primed for game development.

Built-in components for entity management, real-time sound analyzation, location-based sound objects, states with transitions, achievements, impressive debugging tools (console and concommands), localization, camera, inventory, saving/loading, soundscapes and a whole lot more. Completely expandable and built around making game development easy and enjoyable.
What I Did: Programming, object-oriented design, engine architecture.
Languages/Tools Used: Flash, Actionscript 3
2014 DragonDrop

DragonDrop is an elegant tool for converting textures, models, and more into the Source engine. Just drag and drop the files you wish to convert and it will compile them for Source.
What I'm Doing: Programming, UI.
Languages/Tools Used: C#, .Net, and Photoshop